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My Name is Don Campbell, I write under J. Donald Campbell
The world has changed. There is something big going on, and we have yet to see the size of it. I don't know what I will be doing with my website, but I have taken it down for the time being. It will return when I have a reason for it to be here. If you are actually dissapointed that the site isn't here the below link are connected to my wrings available on line.


Featured Writings: Web-sites where I am a featured writer.

Riddled With Freaks: Run by the Lovely Andrea Triton, this page has various poems a short story and the opening scene of a play that I wrote a few years ago. This is old stuff, but still not too painful to read
GudKarma Webzine: Run by Stephen Fletcher, this page features a collection of perminantly archived poems. This is an old page with old work, but it was also the first place I was ever featured on line.

On-Line Magazines: Articles for various webzines

Opi8.Com:A webzine dedicated to the promotion and evolution of "dark" art.
All the Pretty Things are Going to Hell: A Massive (25 page) interview with my friend and computer graphic artist Neil Blevins

Savant:An on line Comic book activisim site dedicated to make the comic book world a better place to live and work.
"The Next Twenty Five": An essay where I asked readers to give me a special birthday present.
"Meet the Savants": An Interview with all the Savants on why we do what we do.
"It's Will Eisner's Fault": An essay on how Will Eisner wasn't quick enough on the draw.
"The Compleat Moonshadow": A review of J.M. DeMatteis and John J. Muth's seminal graphic novel.
"My Friend Neil": An essay on how to use the web to your advantage in making your way in comics.
"Cages": A look at the greatest graphic novel of all time by Dave McKean.

Any other questions? You can e-mail me at the link below.